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Monday, March 3, 2014

{Product Review} - Instant Tawa Pulao with Vegit Pav Bhaji Masala Mix

Vanakkam…..officially signing in from Chennai. Yeah now its official that I moved to Chennai for all good….As many of you know that I was here in Chennai, in January for a week to set up my new rented flat…..being a small trip….. I could not see much of Chennai and could not even look around my flat completely….Now I am here, will update you everything about my new place, new house, new kitchen, new neighbors and much more….in upcoming posts….

Yesterday though being Sunday, my dear husband has to go to office, as his project is near to release date….he already told me that he will be coming late in night and told me to have my dinner and sleep. As I am in a process of setting up my new kitchen and  still in a process to get new gas connection…. I am using induction stove and microwave for my routine cooking. Though I have bought induction stove three years back, I have never used it till now…Now it is completely a new toy to play with in the kitchen to me….. when last night my dear husband called me at around 12.30 and said, his friend who is coming to drop him home….may also join in for dinner or for a quick snack….I was like ‘aaaaa’….what I could make at that hour in night??…..opening my just set kitchen cabinet, I saw ‘Vegit’ Pav Bhaji Mix…which I got in courier for review and totally forgot about it, in setting up my new house…..
At this ghostly hour of night, this Pav Bhaji Mix is like rescue to me….Phata Phat, I started making pav bhaji with the instructions on the packet….and within no time scrumptious pav bhaji was ready….by the time, I started arranging plates on table….doorbell rang….it was my husband with his friend….Wow….pav bhaji….they both said in chorus….I smiled and said…’Yes’…..Now I am ten times more hungry said my husband…..

Without any delay, I served pav bhaji….then my husband’s friend said, Bhabhi if I would have gone from outside, then I would have missed this delicious meal….Thank you so much….then when he left my husband asked me…how I could manage to make such a yum pav bhaji so fast….Like a TV commercial I showed him…it is not my magic, it is the magic of this Pav Bhaji Mix, from ‘Vegit’….Really a quick fix for occasions like this…..
Vegit - Pav Bhaji Masala Review
As I already told you, this is good, spicy and yummy quick fix for those un time hunger rants, quick and easy evening snack and good option for quick dinners when you are lazy or tried to cook elaborate. No chopping of vegetables, no sautéing of masala’s.....In five easy steps, you get piping hot, spicy and yummy Pav Bhaji ready. Homemade is always best…but at times when you are hungry and craving for pav bhaji or at times when you have sudden guests or at times when kids ask for a snack like this then ‘Vegit’ Pav Bhaji will be come for your rescue….I know you will be preparing your grocery list for the month…as it the first week of the month…include this in your shopping list and try it out…. I am sure you will gonna like this product….
Nothing can beat homemade food…but I tell you this Pav Bhaji Mix is not less than homemade bhaji….subtle flavours, heavenly aroma and beautiful color…I somehow felt the taste of potato in the recipe is overpowering and could not get the taste of other vegetables….may be because the ratio of potato used in the mix is more than other veggies…..
100gms. of Vegit Pav Bhaji Mix is coming for Rs.60/-.
Vegit products are available at all major supermarkets and grocery stores across India. You can even buy online at their site @ Vegit.
Vegit products carry nine months of shelf life.
Vegit - Pav Bhaji Masala Review
If you are bored of eating regular pav bhaji or thinking to present pav bhaji in a new avatar, then check for twist to taste recipe inside the packet.
This ‘Vegit’ Pav Bhaji mix has got Potato flakes, dehydrated Onion bits, freezed dried vegetables like green peas, cabbage, cauliflower and capsicum along with tomato flakes in it….
Take whole wheat bread or normal bread, top it with Vegit Pav Bhaji Masala, drilzzle some dry roasted sesame for crunch and toss it on pan with little butter until crisp.
Add whole wheat flour to leftover pav bhaji masala and knead. Add little water if required. Season and set aside for 5 minutes. Roll out paratha’s and roast on tawa on both sides with little butter until brown spots start to appear. Serve piping hot with a dollop of white butter.
This is a fusion recipe, a popular snack which is served mostly in Mumbai. Pour dosa batter on to a pan and drizzle some oil and add Pav Bhaji Masala on top. Spread evenly and add chopped coriander and sliced onions, fold the dosa gently when it starts to turn crisp. Serve hot.
You might have seen ready to use khatori’s these days in chat stalls. Pick those and add pav bhaji masala to it, drizzle with imli ki chutney, lal chutney and hari chutney along with sliced onions and diced tomatoes. Garnish with chat masala and serve immediately.
Slice out a French loaf and toast it on a pan. On one side top it top with Pav Bhaji Masala and grate some cheese (Cheddar will be good). Arrange the slices in a baking tray and bake till cheese melts. Sprinkle some minced coriander and serve warm.
After frying out tomatoes in the first step, add grated paneer and fry for 3-4 minutes. Then follow rest of the instructions on the packet. Your Paneer-Pav Bhaji is ready…So simple and easy.
Instant Tawa Pulao
Try your own twist to this simple in making, yummy in relishing Pav Bhaji Mix from ‘Vegit’. I had great time yesterday in making this. Yeah I made this Tawa Pulao in lunch yesterday and served with onion raita, boondi, papad and lemon wedges.
Instant Tawa Pulao
  • 100gms. Pack of Vegit Pav Bhaji Mix
  • 1½ cup Basmati Rice, cooked and cooled
  • Salt
  • ½ tbsp. Red chili powder
  • 2 tbsp. fresh Coriander leaves, minced
Instant Tawa Pulao
  • Prepare pav bhaji mix as per the instructions and add red chili powder. 
  • Once you attain thick bhaji consistency turn off the flame and add cooked and cooled basmati rice. 
  • Mix well until pav bhaji masala and rice are completely mixed together. 
  • Season with salt and sprinkle fresh minced coriander leaves. 
  • Serve hot with papad and lemon wedges.
Instant Tawa Pulao
Today lil’M was asking me for burger since morning. I made jhatphat pav bhaji and sandwiched it between buns for her…How easy it is see…
Pav Bhaji Masala Burger
  • Make pav bhaji masala as per instructions and take savoury burger buns and cut them horizontally. 
  • Spread pav bhaji mix evenly and add chopped onions, capsicum and tomatoes on to the bottom portion of the bun. 
  • Place the upper portion of the burger bun on the lower one and brush with butter. 
  • Bake in preheated oven for 3-4 minutes. Serve warm.
Pav Bhaji Masala Burger
Vegit, a subsidiary of Merino Group, is a nationally leading brand, making Potato Flakes & Instant Snack Mixes, in the ready to cook market. Vegit offers 100% classic Indian, vegetarian snacks which require only a tenth of the cooking time and effort, while retaining the authenticity and pleasure of traditional cooking. The USP of Vegit products is that they can be prepared with a “Twist” as the customer is free to experiment and customize the dish as per their taste.
Aloo Mash, Aloo Bonda, Aloo Tikki, Cheesy Balls, Burger Patty, Hara Bhara Kabab, Pav Bhaji, Shammi Kabab, Soya Roll and Veg Cutlet.


Pari Vasisht said...

Welcome aboard dear and hope to meet u soon. The product sounds interesting and perfect for such midnight adventures☺.

Raksha said...

I used to make ready made stuff while in US. Nice review.

Priti S said...

wonderful review ....I wish to try it too ..perhaps some time and both sandwich and pulao looks yum with yummy pics

Shama Nagarajan said...

nice review dear...lovely clicks

Rajani said...

You have hit it on the head, ready mixes are saving on time and so useful in an emergency like this. The tawa pulao and other twists to using the product are at once interesting and sensible.

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