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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

{Product Review} Gone Mad- Choco Sticks and Banana - Nutella Milkshake

This is my first review of the year 2013 and I am happy doing it because it is a chocolaty review. When I got mail from Sagarika, the other day to review newly launched Gone Mad – Choco Sticks, I thought they may be made up of chocolate fully….but when I received the parcel and that too loaded with 24 choco sticks…I was like wow…

Garuda Foods


The wrapper of the choco stick is well designed by keeping the kids of around (9-12) in mind. The wrapper have got innovative cute designs on it….the color of brown and dark pink on the pack is very attractive. Bunch of school kids from Bangalore and Chennai has shown up there creativity in designing up this wrapper….. When I opened the wrapper, to my amazement I found a crunchy wafer in the shape of a cigar….when I took my first bite then I came to know, there was luscious chocolate hiding inside the wafer…

Gone Mad Choco Sticks


When you bite into the choco stick, the wafer easily melts in your mouth and chocolate hits your palate….the rich chocolate is so tasty that you feel like gulping the choco stick in one go…..The wafer is made so cleverly that you get to taste the chocolate more…..The wafer balances the taste of sweetness…


These choco sticks are for everyone who just want to kill the boredom and enjoy out little time…so these are economically priced at Rs.5/- for single unit, you can get 24 choco sticks for Rs.120/- and 5 choco sticks to share with your loving buddies come at an attractive price of Rs.25/-

Gone Mad Choco Sticks


As the name says it is really a gone mad choco stick with all it’s chocolaty filling in the crunchy and delicate wafer, which is also made up of chocolate…..I already had three while writing down my review here…..need I say more…..they are so yummy and so easily you get addicted to these….My Lil’M had great time relishing on these sticks, when I was clicking for the review, she even gave me some poses along with seeing herself in the camera after each and every click…..


You can know more about the product and company by clicking on the images below:

Garuda Foods


This product is currently available in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in all kinds of retail formats i.e., general trade, modern trade retail chains, stand alone formats and hyper markets as well.

Gone Mad Choco Sticks


As I have got a pack of 24 choco sticks for review, I thought of using them in a little creative way apart from having as they are. I made Banana-Nutella Milkshake and served with these gone mad choco sticks (Recipe Below). You can even add to any of your favourite milkshake or even to decorate cake or creamy muffins, you can even use it as a stick and make cake pops, you can even dip in chocolate sauce and leave it in refrigerator till it sticks up and relish them and you can even serve with ice cream, by just placing your favourite scoops in a bowl, adding mixed fruits and place two choco sticks on side….your sundae is ready for indulgence…..Get creative and get indulge…..

Banana - Nutella Milkshake


When my dear husband in the evening announced, that he is in a no mood to have tea or coffee and he wants something sweet, fruity and chilled….the one thing which came to my mind was milkshake….Visit Website….As I started making, I added on the ingredients which came to my mind at that time….and oh my my it came out  so yum….I took only 3 minutes in making up this creamy, icecreamy, chocolaty, fruity and yummy milkshake…..when I served it to my husband, he said…wow…you made it so fast and that too it looks so professional with that ‘Choco Stick’…..with all the blushy cheeks I snapped around some pics….so here is the simple and yum recipe of the milkshake…..

Banana - Nutella Milkshake


  • ¼ cup low fat Milk, chilled
  • 1 scoop Vanilla Ice cream
  • 2 tbsp. Nutella
  • 2 Banana (I used ripe yellow ones), peeled and cut into half
  • 1 gone mad Choco stick, decoration
Banana - Nutella Milkshake


  • Add all the ingredients into blender, secure the lid and blend until frothy.
  • Serve chilled by pouring in the serving glasses and decorating with ‘Gone Mad Choco Stick’.
  • Last but not least add your 'love' to make the dish 'YUMMY'.
Banana - Nutella Milkshake

DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid review. The opinions and thoughts mentioned in the post are purely mine and done by tasting the sample sent by Garuda Foods.


Amrita Vishal said...

Wow, such a lovely cigar shaped chocolate stick!! Hope they release soon in Kolkata too!! Loved your idea of banana and nutella milkshake with that irresistible chocostick.

Vimitha Anand said...

Yummy shake and a nice review

Nabanita Das said...

Lovely promo and presentation Idea...

Archana said...

What a delicious shake. I am not too crazy abt chocolate drinks but this one had me smacking my lips.

Swathi Iyer said...

Delicious chocolate drink and stick. said...

A lovely review Lubna, the choco stick does not look skinny like the others I have seen :) so its my kinda chocolate!
Using it in the milk shake makes it even more irresistible!

belesaaru said...

What a lovely presentation and these choco sticks are making me crazy and want to buy them soon. Wonderful!

Rahin said...

Lil M is growing fast MashaAllah, lovely pics.

Priti S said...

Good review and milkshake looks so yum...

Needful Things said...

My kids, like kids everywhere, love nutella. This milkshake sounds like a good idea to feed their obsession ;-)

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Chocolate cigars are looking so desirable as our little M is holding and enjoying to the fullest. Stunning pictures of milkshake

Alaistair D'Souza said...

I've tried these as well prefer the choco one over the strawberry flavour, it brings out the kid in me all the time :D

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