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Monday, December 31, 2012

Retrospect 2012

You know it is midnight and when I turned my eyes on to the system clock, it is showing 00:46….Lil’M is happily sleeping in the warm comfort of her Papa….Microwave is beeping…that means my chocolate coffee is ready....Let me get my cuppa to sit in a relax mood to start my post…..a post which is full of emotions, flashbacks, food, happenings and much more……A Retrospect of the year 2012…..a food blogger journey……What I like more about Retrospect is, you get the chance to sit back flip through the old post, post which make you smile, hungry, laugh, cry and much more…..a time of the year where you can actually judge your year based on yummy food posts…..time of the year where you can see your progression on your own…..As this is going to be long post I thought of keeping the introduction small… I directly dig up into the post taking a sip of chocolate coffee my companion tonight in completing this post…..

Year 2012 has given me a chance to add new labels to my blog…..Got an chance to do book reviews, product reviews and even got an chance to meet and experience Live Cooking Demo by Chef Ratnani. Keeping the spirit of Food Photography and Styling, Tips and Techniques in flow….my first blog post of the year 2012 was a Guest Post by Pavithra of Dishes From My Kitchen….where she has shared her secrets of good food photography and first ever book review Thinner Dinner by Shubhra.....This book was sent to me by BlogAdda as a part of book review program.....then came my first ever product review on Britannia NutriChoice Multigrain Thins & NutriChoice Multigrain Roasty. Later my recipe Yakhni Pulao Shahjahani - A Royal Feast From The Kitchen's Of Mughal's has made me won a cookbook at Reva’s Royal Feast – Biryani. Later the same month I have written my first ever love letter which was self addressed to my blog, as I felt I was missing my blog and blog happenings being a busy toddler mom…..that post has been picked up as Tangy Tuesday Picks at BlogAdda.
Started Feb with yet another Food Photography and Styling guest post by Arfi, where she has explained nicely about light in food photography, calling the post as “Paint With Lights”....My second book review in a row was Southern Flavours by Chandra was a post to celebrate the month of love…..a post which was chocolaty and yummy……My version of Rich Chocolate Fudge with Mixed Nuts….with lots of variations……This post of mine has made me won a Hand Blender at Valentine’s Day recipe Contest @ LifeZing. Next was my first ever Microwave Recipe Post….2-Minute Microwave Chocolate Chip Muffins…..which were an huge hit and gained highest number of page views till date in my blog…..ended the month on a technical post which talked about “Switching to your own Domain”, which was an guest post by Raks.
March 2012
If you are in a city where natural light for food photography is bliss then this 
post on Food Photography by Tika is a must to read on……Tika has explained Low Key Lighting Food Photography through this post….next was an vibrant Arbi Ka Salan, a rich and creamy coconut based taro root curry. Next was my first ever guest post, where I blogged about KobbariLouz/Coconut-Oats Ladoo's for Ammaji’s Recipes. Next was a simple and yum One Pot Meal, Sambhar Sadam which I learnt online from my dear blog friend Desrshana.
All good things have come to an end….so was food photography and styling series…..This time the charge was on Soma’s hand to share her views, tips and techniques behind food photography and styling…..she has done a fab job by showing lots of behind the scenes pictures, backgrounds and prop in the post here. Next was my third product review Britannia 50-50 Snackuits….As the mercury levels started going up, a thirst quencher is a must…so was an Strawberry-Yogurt SmoothieTopped With Muesli and Orange Flavoured Pineapple Spritzer. Finally a 4C recipe, means Creamy Corn-Capsicum Curry with first ever recipe card.
Started the month with a simple and aromatic, Tamatar-Gohst Ka Khatta Salan, next was my most craved recipe during my pregnancy….CardamomFlavoured Iced Tea Granita which was my second  Guest Post and this one for Priyanka. As I told earlier, this year has bought me new opportunities to explore and experience the food blogger in me….got a chance to attend the launch and review The Coffee Bean & TeaLeaf….a fastest expanding Coffee chain in India...Find more deals and get your discount coupons....Next was an simple recipe to keep you light and going on summery afternoons….. Kadhi – Tempered Yogurt Soup…It’s been an busy month were I got an chance to attend another review and this time it was for Bliss Gourmet Boutique heavenly and chocoholic review till date…..Finally after 3½ years after, got time to scribble about I, Me and Myself….. 
As the name of the heading says…my first post of the month was Mango Mousse (eggless), to celebrate my dear friends B'day.....Next was a simple salad to beat the heat….Chickpea Salad with Raw Mango…..Next in the row of Mango Mania was Mango Lassi, an creamy way of relishing the King of Fruits….Next was a simple and indulging Masoor Makhani, a creamy low calorie lentil based recipe.

July 2012 
With the onset of monsoon, the change in weather has reflected the blog posts too….Piping hot foods, drinks, etc….started to flood….starting with Chocolate Flavoured Instant Coffee. This is the time of the year, which I like the most….Eid is round the corner and Joy From FastingTo Feasting – V an global Ramadan Event had been started on my blog….Adding to this I have posted Khare Semiyah, a Ramadan special recipe….next was an refreshing and rejuvenating Coriander-Cumin Flavoured Oats Lassi….I have been lucky giveaway winner of Food Blogging for Dummies at Grishma’s place.
Got busy with Ramadan preparations…I hardly found time to blog any recipe…..So only recipe I blogged during August was Haleem recipe, which is a popular Ramadan recipe in Hyderabad. This recipe has made me won a Gift Voucher worth Rs.2, 500/- at Prestige Smart Chef Kitchen Contest.
As my lil sis b’day falls this month….sep is always been my fav month…….so to celebrate I made Microwave Brownies, which are instant treasure and one of hit recipes so far on ‘Yummy Food’… was a simple and comfort anytime recipe duo called Kunduri Dal and Kunduri FryBritannia’s TreatFruit Creams review was next….Had much fun at lunch buffet and lots of pet pooja by doing review for Trader Vic’s….ended the month with spicy and tangy my all time favorite Arvi Ka Khatta Salan.
An easy to make Muruku recipe to start with, then came my first ever food photography and styling post which was done for Valarmathi....along with Drumstick-Raw Mango in Coconut Gravy Then came a captivating guest post by Sweatha, on Food Gulley….next was an super easy and moist Microwave Condensed Milk Cake with Tutti-Frutti….An emotion overloaded post with lots of warm memories and ramblings along with indulging Saffron Mousse…a special post on Bakrid which I made for Yvonne…..Capturing the essence of season….the mood of rain…came a post of Khaman Dhokla, which is purely a  microwave version.

November 2012 
Bags were packed and I was very much exited….as I was going to my mom’s place for more than a month… celebrate this I made Nutella Pudding, which was eggless….then got a chance to review ‘Just Bake’….premium bakery chain in Bangalore….blogged about my all time favourite Gongura Pappu and simple breakfast recipe like bread and jam with juice to keep you going on a busy week day….along with information about Baking Supplies in Bangalore - I

Good Food Feature
My first magazine feature as a taste team member comment in Good Food Magazine came in December issue....leaving me happy and full....As Christmas and New year’s were round the corner, I thought it will be good, If I blog about Baking Supplies in Bangalore – II and made a post on it….then came a post with ramblings and memories on Christmas during my school days along with easy Chocolate, Banana and Oats Muffins and Cake, which are made in microwave…..
December 2012
I have won Cannon Powershot Camera at Siri’s Holiday Giveaway. It was like all of a sudden someone has pinned my dreamy air balloon and I hit hard on ground…..and when I called up Daddy for help…..he was no more there with me to lift me, hug me and say all is well…..I can never hear him saying.....I am there with you….nothing to worry about……I miss you Daddy…..I miss you…… 


Priya said...

Lovely write up, enjoyed reading.. Wishing you many more beautiful things like this in future Lubna, keep on going.

Sreevalli E said...

Beautiful round off Lubna...I'm so sorry about your loss.. May his soul RIP.

kat levitt said...

Found you via food blogs! you have a new Google friend connect follower! come by and say hi to me at I can't wait to read many more amazing recipes from you!

Swathi Iyer said...

Beautiful post Lubina, Sorry for your Dad. He will be watching you from heaven.

Maha Gadde said...


Hamaree Rasoi said...

Lubna, Besides the fact that you are my inspiration in blogging, it's my privilege to be your friend. Wish you loads of happy moments in coming year..

prathibha Garre said...

Nicely written post Lubna,enjoyed reading it . Be strong lady and keep posting gud recipes and win various give aways........;) said...

You made each month delicious :))
Love the way you have summed up 2012.
Wish you a Very Happy New Year!

Nagashree said...

Such a wonderful recap Lubna, I have made up my mind to come back and catch up on all those posts you mention in the recap.

Daughters always have a special bond with dads, I am very sorry about your loss. I am sure he will always be with you in your heart, forever.

Deeba PAB said...

Have a wonderful 2013 Lubna. Such a packed year. May you go from strength to strength. Sorry for your loss. Beautifully written!

Poornima Porchelvan said...

Nice write up and beautiful clicks.Thank you for visited my blog.

Jay said...

wat a lovely post..
wishing you n family a fantastic 2013..:)
Tasty Appetite

Ann@Anncoo Journal said...

Beautiful post! Great to know you through blogging and thank you for joining the giving away on my site.

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