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Sunday, December 2, 2012

General Food Addictives - Baking Supplies in Bangalore - II

In a quest to find good quality baking supplies I landed to General Food Addictive’s (GFA). A hot destination for all baking related items…whether you say baking pans, tins, molds to chocolate chips, essence, flavoring items, food color, etc…one hot stop for all baking related stuff.
One fine afternoon bitten by baking bug, three desperate house wives cum food blogger’s hired a taxi and made a trip to GFA. This trip was much planned and most pending one in the to-do list of ours. Me, Valar and Deepa had plans to visit GFA from so long but could not make out as the shop is very far nearly 25Kms. from our houses.
As we hired a taxi, it took nearly an hour and half to reach the place. By the time we were there the shop was closed for afternoon lunch. We waited for 20-25 minutes on the other side of the road for the shop to open. Finally shop opened and we entered the shop. It is very pretty small shop loaded with gorgeous amounts of baking supplies.
This little shop has got three sweet store helpers who graciously help you in finding the items. The good thing about the store is they have got a brochure where you can find all the list of items which are present in the shop. I found it very helpful, because most of the things we forget while listing down and some things are not in the display too.
We three had great time picking up the things….as the shop is far away from our houses we picked up lots of things and in more amounts….like 6 months’ supply of chocolate chips, chocolate bars, flavorings, etc. Upon asking about ‘Whipping Cream’, the store owner has introduced us with two types of options like a powder one which you can use as an instant topping for desserts and the other one is ‘Tropolite’ which is non-dairy frozen product…..which you need to thaw in the refrigerator before using. You can store it in the freezer for 4-6 months depending on the manufacturing date.
In a attempt to try we bought both the powder and frozen one. I must say enjoyed working with two of them. This tropolite brand whipping cream is good for frosting cakes. I tried it and liked the results. Whereas the powder form of ‘whipping cream’ which I bought was a ‘Blue Bird’ band, which is good for topping on desserts. The good thing about the powder one was it can be made very instantly. The bad thing is the consistency of powdered whipping cream is not like the one of regular whipping cream, which we use for cakes.
Apart from whipping cream, we also bought chocolate chips, muffin liners,  disposable loaf pans, cookie cutters, lollipop molds, Hazel nuts, colored sprinkles, disposable piping bags, nozzles, chocolate bars, flavoring essence, food colors, candied cherries, whipping cream (both powder and frozen one), spatula, etc.
The list of items you can find at GFA are:
Selbourn Dark Chocolate
Selbourn Milk Chocolate
Selbourn White Chocolate
Morde Dark Compound
Morde Milk Compound
Morde White Compound
Morde Dark Chocolate
Morde Milk Chocolate
Chocolate Moulds
Chocolate Wrapping Papers
Morde Choco Chips 
Morde Cocoa Powder
Morde Drinking Chocolate Powder
Morde Choco Strands
Morde Butter Scotch
Morde Milk Choco Chips
Measuring Glass, spoons, cups
Icing Syringe
Baking Trays
Icing Nozzles
Palat Knife
Plastic Cake Cutters
Puff Cutters
Biscuit Cutters
Steel Scraper
Icing Bag with Nozzle
Doughnut Cutter
Egg Beater
Tool Set
C M C Powder
Sodium Powder
Liquid Glucose
Food Colors
Ice Cream Toppings
PO Box 2016, # 175/3,
1st Main Road, Seshadripuram,
Bangalore 560 020, India
Tel : +91-80-2336 7878
                 80-2336 0517 


Sireesha Puppala said...

spelling mistake in the post title

Satya said...

Its really fun to shop with friends and you guys r rocking,the shop is very nice and inspiring to c all under one roof for baking supplies
Super Yummy Recipes

Raksha said...

this is a very informative post Lubna. Thanks for sharing.

Sebeena Loyd said...

really informative. thanks for sharing.

Kaveri Venkatesh said...

Sure is a wonderful place...all baking requirements under one roof:)

Mélange said...

A real helpful infectious post as always Lubna.Thank you.(Check with the heading 'Banking')Cheers !

Chitra said...

Very nice review and iam very happy to know abt this shop. Did u find puff pastry sheets ? I am searching it for years in malls & nilgiris;)

Vimitha Anand said...

Such an informative post Lubna.

Kanchan said...

Oh .. how I want such a post on pune too ..its very hard to find even the basics .. neways, loved your post v informative for banglore bakers :)

Archana Kumar said...

This little store is such a blessing...I got a big supply of pans, paper moulds, yeast and chocolate when I was in Bangalore last time...

Janani said...

Thats a very helpful tips. Thanks for sharing.

Maha Gadde said...

very informative..
Iam back to blogging...Plz..visit 1ce dear...
Visit my new
face book page

Deeba PAB said...

Beam me in Lubna ...what a treat the store is. WOW!

Rachana said...

I gotta forward this to my friend in Bangalore. A very helpful post!

sakshi said...

does anybody know place like this in delhi?

Lubna Karim said...

Sakshi - You can find baking supplies @ Bharat Stores, INA Market
Modern Bazaar (NFC)
Morning Store (GK)
Osaba Emporium, Basant lok complex, Next to Priya cinema’s, Vasant Vihar

banupriya p said...

finally i found this place, thank god....

Priya R said...

Such a useful post Lubna, wish I can book a taxi to get there right now ;) will do that one day

PrettyHandmadecards said...

Hi dear...This is Gita here,thank u sooo much for giving the needed the way want to know how to use whipping powder? can we add icing sugar to it?Can u plz send the method of preparing whipping cream using whipping powder with mail id

Tarika said...

can I get veg shortening from there?

Lubna Karim said...

Hello Tarika, I have given the shop number in the post....Call me and find out whether the product is available with them....Thank you writing...

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