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Sunday, November 11, 2012

E-Shopping Therapy - A Non-Food Post

If you are wondering…why I am posting on Sunday….then I say just to pass time…’s half past 4 in the evening and lil’M is napping along with my sweet sister… mom is preparing something for the evening snack….I can inhale the aroma of tea simmering on the stove…my dad is reading newspaper in the balcony……and I have nothing to do…..just to sit before the computer…..which I rarely do on weekends…..

After spending an hour in pinterest…..I am tired and hungry by seeing and pinning the pictures. A lot more can be learnt through pinterest boards these days….One more thing I am addicted to these days is e-window shopping…..wondering what’s that….it’s nothing but glancing around online shopping stores.

From the time Lil’M has come into my life, I keep on checking Firstcry and Babyoye for new products and diapers. I love online shopping most of the time….but on some products…..But online shopping is best when you want to send over gifts to your loved ones and make them feel special when you are not around or when you can’t make it to their special occasion. Online shopping is also best when you just want to pamper yourself when you are in no mood to go out and spend time hunting from shop to shop for clothes and accessories…….I love online shopping for one more reason….you can get to know what’s new in stores by just a click……there are some cons too associated with online shopping….but when pros are more who cares for cons….

Hmmm…..coming back....I opened Shopper Stop online store to check on what’s new…..after spending an hour there…..and adding many in my basket for the coming New Year’s eve….these are the top things which are in my to buy list…..for the time…..You wanna see what’s in my wish list……here is an collage….. aren't these gorgeous……?
So….what are you doing this weekend? Stay connected as lot more on shopping is coming in next post on ‘Yummy Food’. Signing off for mom is back from kitchen with a tray loaded with crispy and hot vada along with peanut chutney......Yum....Let me stuff some before my Lil'M gets up.... :-) 


Priya said...

Dunno i never been attracted with E shopping; after reading this post am thinking i should give a try, Enjoy ur stay at ur mom's place with her wonderful foods Lubna.

Anonymous said...

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Mélange said...

Hi Lubna,Even I do lot of online shopping.And I warn if you are into shopping from shoppers stop onilne. They have the worst service ever in India.I lost lots of my hard earned money in one shopping ! Such horrible packing that can turn the much-awaited new stuff to old and crumbled...Just wanted to share,in case someone get trapped like me dear.

Ranjith said...

It was a good introduction to the post! All the best!

ice said...

With shoppers stop its best to opt for cash on delivery as they never deliver the complete order . Happy shopping

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