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Sunday, February 22, 2009

#18 Rendezvous With Kitchen Flavours

Welcome yet another sunday with a new guest in Rendezvous With Kitchen Flavours, scrummy sunday showcase. It is my hearty delight to have Padma Rekha of Plantain Leaf (Andhra Recipe). A traditional southern Indian meal is served on a plantain leaf with the position of the different food items on the leaf having a significant importance. Plantain Leaf is laid food is set what are you waiting for.....Padma Rekha got introduced to me at the time of FIC-White. Padma Rekha is not only my blogger buddy but also pampers me like elder sister. Padma Rekha is passionate cook with many authentic Andhra recipes in her blog.

Padma Rekha of Plantain Leaf says "My Five Favourites" are:

My Favorite Cuisine: Indian
My Favorite Book/ Novel/Magazine: Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda
My Favorite Film: Mayabazar
My Favorite Pastime (interests): Yoga, Meditation and Cooking
My Favorite Place: BANGALORE

Coming to Padma Rekha's favourite food which she likes to enjoy anytime are:

2. Vankaya--Chikkudukaya Kura

3. Upma

4. Carrot Kheer

5. Punugulu

By clicking on the recipe names you can view the recipe in detail. For authentic, tempting, traditional, alluring, spicy, hot Andhra flavours pay visit to Padma Rekha's Plantain Leaf.

Want to know how to participate in Rendezvous With Kitchen Flavours. Click here or click on the image under "Every Sunday" in the left hand sidebar....


Madhumathi said...

Wow..Each dish is tempting..

rekhas kitchen said...

Thank you so much dear I am very happy and excited Thank s once again lubna

homecooked said...

Hey....lovely rendezvous :) The pics look damn good!

VG said...


Priya said...

Rekha of plantain leaf is also one of my best friend, all her dishes r very unique n delicious:) nice to know more about her..

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Lovely recipe. So useful. Nice pictures. YUM!

Kitchen Flavours said...

Thank you Madhumati, Rekha, Homecooked, VG, Priya and Sukanya.

Paru ... said...

BTW my favourite movie is also mayabazaar:)..

All yummy dishes..I love andhra dishes..

Kitchen Flavours said...

Thank you Paru.

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