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Sunday, September 21, 2008

#20 Joy From Fasting To Feasting !!!

Marhaba to all the beautiful people visiting this blog. 'Marhaba' means welcome in Arabic language. Arabic, yes today we are going to indulge in some aromatic flavours of Yemen. Yemen is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the North, the Red Sea to the West, the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden to the South, and Oman to the east. The land of Yemen is one of the oldest centers of civilization in the world and it is my pleasure to introduce you one of the first Yemeni food blogger Nadine of Tried And True Eats.

Nadine of Tried And True Eats says, the cuisine I make reflects my background county where I grew up in. My family is Yemeni and we have been living in America for years. We make the traditional Yemeni recipes but we have also adopted dishes from other ethnic cultures present in the US. The reason why I started Tried And True Eats blog was to share spritz cookie recipes, but then I realized this is the perfect format to share Yemeni recipes as well. So I pride myself in being among the first Yemeni recipe blogs.

I have been fasting long before I knew the purpose of Ramadan. As I child, I was excited whenever Ramadan came because it was when we eat special foods and it was a change in pace for us. As I got older and more enlightened, I found Ramadan was less about food and more about ibada (worship of Allah). This year will be the first time I will finish reading the entire Qur'an in the month of Ramadan, Insha'allah this will be the tradition I will continue.

Also, Ramadan is special to me because this is an event that we are sharing with Muslims all over the world. We all experience the feeling of fasting together masha'allah. In addition, the fun part of Ramadan is defintely the eating, and it is wonderful to learn what other people break their fast with.

For the breaking of the fast, my family serve a traditional Yemeni iftar consisting of dates, shafuta, and sherba and then an appetizer such as samboosa, stuffed potatos, dolmas, baked potatos and hummus, or falafel. We also serve a dessert like flan, custard, or jello. For dinner, Yemenis eat aaseet (a cooked dough) and maraq (meat stew), but my family prefer something lighter like debikh (vegetable stew and rice). For seher, we don't have any specific dishes that we make. We eat leftovers, fasoolia (bean dish), gubna musahiq (cheese with garlic, tomato, and jalopeno blended), or Yemeni baked breads.

Yemeni food is simplicistic but it is definitely delicious and fits our busy schedule. I hope you enjoy the recipes as much as my family does says Nadine of Tried And True Eats.

Does that names of the recipes tempt you to learn more about the Yemeni cuisine, then here comes five favourite recipes which Nadine of Tried And True Eats loves to prepare during Iftar time in Ramadan.

1. Shafuta - A savory buttermilk Ramadan dish. This is a very simple and light dish that is served at every Yemeni iftar.

2. Sherba Harish Beydha - Creamy bulghur pudding. This is a common Yemeni dish served in every iftar.

3. Samboosa - Yemeni Roll. It is a Yemeni version of an appetizer that is made all over the Middle East and in South Asia.

4. Stuffed Potato Appetizer - This is another appetizer we serve next to iftar usually in place of Ramadan.
Dolmas - This is a delicious appetizer that we like to serve next to Ramadan iftar, it is not a Yemeni tradition, it is just our family tradition that we just started.
By clicking on the links mentioned above you can view the recipes in detail. If you are in a mood to experiment some yummy delicacies of Arabic cuisine then check Nadine's Tried And True Eats food blog for more recipes.

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Indranee said...

Wonderful those stuffed potatoes!

Sireesha said...

Everything looks superb and splendid..

pickyeater said...

thanks for featuring my recipes. khowatim mubaraka to you.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Thank You Indranee, Sireesha and Pickyeater.

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